PowerVisor is a powerful debugger and system monitor. I got the source from the original author, Jorrit Tyberghein, over a year ago. I fixed some bugs, implemented 040 support and tried to implement 060 support (still unusable).

My time is very limited, so I decided to put the current PowerVisor on my home page for all the 68040 users. Here is a list of nearly all new features in the current 1.43 alpha version:

Changes by Jorrit: My changes:
Here you may download the current version, but you have to install the old archive from aminet/dev/debug/pv142.lha first and copy the new files over it.

Download PowerVisor V1.43alpha. LZX archive. 135K.

Warning:Very early alpha version. There are bugs!
Frank Wille, March 1997.