W is a small, portable window manager from Torsten Scherer for Ataris running under MiNT or Linux/68k, Sun Sparc 2 (only CG6 graphics) under SunOS4, Intel-PCs under Linux and for Amigas under NetBSD.

Since W1R4,Eero Tamminen is responsible for the project.

Personally, I'm responsible for the NetBSD/amiga port of W. I have only Amigas with Cybervision 64 and Merlin II graphics boards, so I can only guarantee that W works under these tested configurations. But I think, that some of the other NetBSD grf-devices should work too.

If you have any Amiga-specific problems with W, or discovered bugs in the Amiga port, then please send me a mail. Otherwise, you should always contact Eero Tamminen.

The last offical version is W1R4PL2 and may be downloaded from here:

W Home Page

Some W links:
Frank Wille, December 1999.