DevCopy is a CLI-tool for reading, writing and viewing blocks of a trackdisk-compatible device. You can view the data as hex dump in your console window, read data and store them in a file or copy a file's contents directly to a start block of the device.

DevCopy v1.2 accepts the following arguments:

DEVICE/A The device name. For example "trackdisk.device".
UNIT/K/N The device unit, which you want to access.
INFO/S Don't read or write something. Only print the drive geometry of this unit.
FROM/K Copy from this file directly to the device.
TO/K Copy from the device into this file.
S=STARTBLK/K/N Number of first block for this operation.
N=NUMBLKS/K/N Number of blocks to copy or view.
FORCE/S If the drive geometry could not be determined, try it with a default block size of 512 bytes.

The default settings are:
UNIT=0, STARTBLK=0 and NUMBLKS=maximum. The default operation is to print the data as a hex dump into your console window. The output may be stopped by pressing ^C at any time.

Download DevCopy V1.2

Frank Wille, January 1997.