PhxAss V4.xx is a highly optimizing macro assembler for Motorola's 680x0 CPUs, 6888x FPUs and 68851 MMU (of course, the 030, 040 and 060 MMUs are also supported).

PhxAss V4.xx requires OS2.04 (V37) as a minimum and does no longer support older operating systems! (Kick 1.x owners: Get PhxAss V3.97, it's the last version running under Kick 1.x). 1 MB of RAM recommended.

PhxAss V4.xx is Freeware and copyright 1991-2001 by Frank Wille. Commercial distribution of this program, without a written permission of the author, is strictly forbidden!

Most important features:

Here you may download the current version, PhxAss v4.40 (03.04.01):

Beta or alpha versions of PhxAss are available here:

v4.44 (06.04.05) - 144K

PhxAss for Kickstart 1.x (sorry, lost v3.97):

v3.95 (12.10.94).
Frank Wille, August 2005.